"Des exigences pour préparer l'avenir"

Bilingual Section

Our aim is to:
- Provide our students with internationally recognised qualifications
- Offer educational excellence
- Ensure comprehensive support by our teachers
- Contribute to the pursuit of education and learning at the highest international level
- Develop motivated, responsible and confident learners.
Who is it for?
This section is for pupils who are fluent in both French and English, have one English speaking parent or have lived in an English speaking country
Admissions policy:
- Primary School: an interview with the teacher
- Secondary School: oral and written test
- High School: oral and written test
To allow pupils to follow the British National curriculum alongside the French curriculum. For those aiming at continuing their studies abroad, to take exams which are recognized by universities and future employers worldwide.
International Cambridge Qualifications offered:
- At the end of year 9:Checkpoint tests (together with progress tests during the year).
- At the end of year 11: the IGCSE in English language, Literature and History
- At the end of year 13: Cambridge International A Levels
Blanche de Castille is a certified “Cambridge School” from year 7.
Primary School: 5 hours per week in English : Civilisation, speaking, grammar and literature.
Year 7 to year 10: 6 hours per week: English Language, English Literature and History (instead of English as a foreign language), following the British National Curriculum, alongside the French curriculum.
Year 11: 7 hours per week : 2h30 of English Literature, 2h30 of History and 2h of English Language.
Year 12 to year 13: 7 hours per week : 3h30 of English Literature and 3h30 of English Language.
Tuition fees and exam fees (for Checkpoint tests, IGCSE, A levels and admission tests) are required for students joining the section.